New CD release from Dan Keeton

This year, in June I will celebrate 25 years with the most wonderful person I know. 

This past year I have spent every day with her. After 24 years of being hundreds of miles away every week, it has been a beautiful experience to be close to her every day. 

I wanted to share with her how I truly felt. So, I selected 20 songs that say it as close as possible. I recorded the first 10 and am working on the remaining 10.

The first volume is available as a CD or download. The next will be done in may. 

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The Story of the Tip Box

A few years back when Nancy and I began singing together, we would sing where ever they'd let us. We sang in Ashland, KY. at a flea market. So, My momma made us this box. I thought it would be a great idea.  We put the box on the table at the concession stand. We gave everything we had, we were great. After we finished we got the box expecting to at least be able to buy us each a hot dog. Imagine our surprise, when in the box was; an empty coffee creamer and a package of salt!

At least here, no one can can put their garbage in this box.

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