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Welcome to the Official website of The Keetons. We are a Christian ministry with a focus to help stop child abuse and to inspire victims to find direction and purpose in their lives. The Keetons believe the best way to accomplish their goal is through Christian principals found in the Bible.

Dan Keeton, founder of The Keetons, is a survivor of child abuse. After many years of abuse, Dan was overwhelmed by his Grandmother's love and became a Christian. This motivated him to not be a victim and to share with others how to overcome the lingering effects of abuse.  

Being inspired by the music his Grandmother loved, He decided to learn how to make that music. That opened the door to share his original music and his story in every state in the U.S., Canada and in Mexico, for over 36 years.

The Keetons are focused on raising awareness of child abuse and ministering to those who are affected by it. By speaking, writing and performing positive music that points people to the cross of Christ, we pray that the Lord repairs their broken homes and relationships, so they too can live their lives, not as a "Victim of Society" but as a "Victor of the Cross".

The Keetons are a 501(c)(3) non profit religious organization.
If you'd like to help, donate or host an event, contact The Keetons at or 615-530-4242