Daniel, a survivor of child abuse. Now a Christian voice against abuse, An American Tenor and 2017 inductee into the GMA Gospel Music Hall of Fame. 

Angeline, is a survivor of drug addiction and died for four minutes in the ER from a drug overdose. Now, she is a positive Christian voice to people battling addiction.

Both have lived lives bound for heartache and defeat, Then, just in time ... The Old Rugged Cross Made a Difference and GOD took over.

You must experience, The Message, The Music, The Harmony.
(and Dan’s tobacco stick microphone stand. Yep, Story HERE)

The Keeton Ministry’s focus is to stop child abuse and drug addiction. Also, to inspire victims to find direction and purpose in their lives. We believe the best way to accomplish their goal is through Christian principals found in the Bible. Considering where God has taken Dan and Angeline in their lives, music is a huge tool in the arsenal of The Keeton Ministry to accomplish the goal.

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