At age 10, Dan Keeton would have already faced his dad's alcoholism, the divorce of his parents, child abuse from a step-mother and a foster home.

At age 11, he moved to Kentucky where he found his Grandmother's box of gospel cassettes. On that first tape "Wanted Live - The Happy Goodman Family", he heard Vestal Goodman say that he could be one of God's children and be saved. His grandmother purchased him his first guitar and he learned to sing and play by listening to her cassettes.

His parents re-married and they moved out to the country in Kentucky. They lived next to a tobacco barn. Little Dan found some tobacco sticks and some twine. What he did with these simple things would lay out a future. He took the sticks and made some microphone stands. He cut one into four little sticks and nailed them on to the top of the stands for microphones. He grabbed some large cardboard boxes for speakers and tied several pieces of twine together for microphone and speaker cords. 12 year old Dan stood beside the old farm house, among the trees and he was, The Happy Goodman Family.

Since then Dan has had the opportunity to perform with some of the greatest names in Gospel Music including: The Gold City Quartet and The Dixie Melody Boys. He has several original songs recorded by artists such as: The McKameys, The Wilburns and The Palmetto State Quartet.

He has recently recorded an album of vintage love songs made famous in the 30's and 40's. His grandmother purchased him his first guitar when he was 11, with the last $64 of her social security check. She had a great influence on him and he explains that his 25 year marriage success is attributed to her and her true love that she showed.

Today, The Keeton Ministry is a 501(c)(3) non profit religious organization. Their focus is to stop child abuse and domestic violence. Also, to inspire victims to find direction and purpose by helping other victims of abuse and violence. They believe the best way to accomplish this goal is through Christian principals found in the Bible. Considering where God has taken Dan in his life, music is a huge tool in the arsenal of The Keeton Ministry to accomplish their goal. They are also available for speaking and seminars.