Surprise Momma!

I Haven't seen my momma in two years. I've trying to plan this surprise. I didn't think we were going to be able to make it happen. The Engine in the van started making racket on Sunday in West Virginia. After the service on Sunday morning, I changed the oil in the engine, and as I did, I believed the noise was coming from the front of the engine, but didn't know the exact location. So, I needed to take the belt off to make sure. After removing the belt and starting the engine, I proved the noise wasn't coming from the engine itself. So, we left it to the Lord and headed for Florida. We still didn't know the source of the exact problem. I figured it would raise it's ugly head eventually.

Two days and 1000 miles later in Ormond Beach, FL, I stopped at an Advance Auto to ask about pricing a fan clutch. Just in case it was the fan. The guy offered to come out and listen to see if he could find the problem. Turned the key and…Nothing! Low battery! Well, I guess we've figured the cause of the problem. He said to go next door to the Mercedes shop. He can jump it and tell you for sure. They came over and brought their testers and battery box. Still nothing. So, I ran back into Advance and got their battery box and it fired right up! The Mercedes guy stands there scratching his head. He says that it is the alternator, he puts his tester on the system and says, "I don't get it." I do…"ANGEL POWER"!

We did make it…..

A huge thank you for those of you who made this happen: Corey Laney and the Heritage Quartet, Joe Chioda and the Streets of Gold Crew, Jason, Gracie and Lisa Horrocks, Eagle Man, The Jennings Run 1st Church of God in Weston WV, Advance Auto in Ormond Beach, Fl and the kind mechanic at the Mercedes shop in Ormond Beach. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You! 


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