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Our trip began 7:00am, flying from Akron, Ohio to Orlando, Florida to pick up my sister, Shannon. Mama wouldn't have her daughter flying to Paris alone from Florida.  I don't know how we ended up with first class seats for this flight, but it sure was roomy. 

We arrived in Orlando around 9:30 am and waited for Shannon to arrive at the airport via a friend from church. This was Shannon's first chance to experience a plane ride. She had a great view of the engine at the back of the plane. We had a layover in Cinncinatti, Ohio before flying over the ocean to Paris. We could have walked to Cincinnatti from Akron by the time we arrived there at 3:15 pm. 

At 6:00pm it was time to leave the U.S. for Paris. There were huge storms coming in and they were rushing everyone to get in their seats, so we could beat the storms. We made several rounds around the runway, as the pilot explained that the planes ahead of us were experiencing bad wind shear while taking off. (Welcome to Airline travel, Shannon). We finally blasted down the runway, faster than i had ever experienced. 

This flight was the longest any of us had ever been on and really didn't know what to expect. You won't go hungry on this flight across the ocean. they just kept bringing us stuff. By the time we got about halfway we all needed to go run about a mile. But, the in flight entertainment screens kept us all from going crazy. 

Finally 8 1/2 hours later we landed in Paris at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. I had found a private shuttle to the hotel and I am so glad I did. I had considered renting a car, but that was not a good idea. Our driver knew what he was doing for sure and I'm glad we left it to him. He drove us past the Eiffel Tower and other sights, including the American Cathedral before getting us to the Hotel Ares Eiffel. 

After resting a while we ventured out to the streets of Paris, finding our way to the Metro Train Station, (where we purchased a week pass for 27 euros) The Monoprix (The Paris Walmart) and the Starbucks. Our first order of business was to get pictures and video of the Eiffel Tower.

On Tuesday, we found our way to our first Metro train ride. Our destination was The American Church in Paris to meet the music director and take some photos and video for the project.

We happened to pass a tiny paint shop. Anyone who knows Donna, knows she is, by trade, a painter and wallpaper hanger. Well there it was, a Paris paint and wallpaper shop, she recognized the names and in she went.

As we made our way around the sights of Paris. I really did not have an exact plan of action for what I wanted to get for these videos and photos for the project. I figured I would find what I was looking for exactly when I saw it. Then as we came around the corner at The Cathedral of Notre Dame, there was not a doubt in my mind, I had found what I was looking for!

I figured we would find The American Cathedral in Paris. I did want to find it before Friday morning. Shannon, (aka, Ms. Metro) found a train to get us close. we'd have to walk a little. Nothing was really hard to find. A little walk to the train, then maybe a transfer to another and another short walk and we were there.

I had to pack pretty lite for our trip. I was pretty pleased with my Jib Crane on a monopod. It looked like I was fishing with a pole at the fountian outside the Louvre. I got some great video by hovering an $800 iPhone just above the water and panning up. Parisians were looking at me pretty funny.

The highlight of our trip was to come on Friday morning, when we returned to the American Cathedral in Paris to perform for the Friday Mission Lunch. This is a special meal prepared and served by chefs and volunteers to the homeless and needy of Paris. It was a wonderful honor for me to perform for this event and for all of us to help prepare, serve and clean up after. 

It was during this performance that I recorded an album of Favorite Hymns and classic love songs. I have performed before tens of thousands and had the opportunity to perform at the Time Square Church in New York. This opportunity will forever be the greatest performance of my career and a professional vocalist.

... from the Mission Lunch Staff:

"Dear Dan, Donna and Shannon,

From all of us at the Friday Mission Lunch we just want to say a deep and heartfelt THANK YOU for your visit and wonderful music yesterday for our guests and volunteers. We are so grateful for your special ministry and wish you the very best in your continued service.

You were a huge hit with everyone yesterday! Thank you for this special
gift of music!

Blessings and grace to each of you"

As we finished up on Saturday, my plan was to choos the most memorable place to broadcast live to facebook. However I could not choose between, The Notre Dame Cathedral or the Eiffel Tower. So, I decided to do both. Ms Metro got us to the Cathedral in plenty of time to find the right spot. I performed The Lord's Prayer and Parisian's favorite hymn, Amazing Grace.

We wanted to say our goodbyes from Paris from the Eiffel Tower. So we rushed to the Metro, almost boarded the wrong train and just about missed it. But, we found our way to the tower and began broadcasting just in time...

The Mission presented a message God’s Love in us for each other as well as his perfect love for us. The purpose of the finished audio CD and DVD titled. "An American Tenor in Paris" is to help raise funds to continue the message of The Keeton Ministry to raise awareness of and the prevention of Child Abuse, not just in America, but around the world. 

Daniel Keeton

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